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AIGA, design forum, January 2006

interview by Steven Heller

Propagandizing Propaganda:
Interview with Aleksandar Macasev

The Joseph Goebbels(TM) project, the brainchild of Aleksandar Macasev, is a multimedia attack on the information and disinformation glut that uses the infamous Nazi minister of propaganda and enlightenment as its poster child. ...>

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PRINT magazine , Jan/Feb 2006

article by Stephanie Skirvin

Belgrade Confidential

The young designers of Belgrade are eager to make up for lost time: to absorb as much popular culture as they can from the Internet, assorted design annuals, and festivals; to reconcile their recent political freedom with their stll-sealed borders; and to determine how to make their way forward in a recovering but fractured economic and political infrastructure. Most of them seem to agree that despite their trying past and current difficulties, their experiences have given them a unique perspective and resilience. ... >

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EKONOMIST magazine, no. 23, October 2005

interview by Valentina Delic

Trade Dark

"I saw a man ripping those posters apart. Asked by a friend of mine if he liked the posters, this young man of about 30 years of age, same as mine, said "Well, this is Joseph Goebbels and my name is Levi", said the man without any apparent display of anger or any emotions whatsoever. Having said that, he turned around and left". This is one of the reactions to a controversional provocative art campaign "Joseph Goebbels Trade Mark", created by Aleksandar Macasev. ... >

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DANAS newspaper, No. 2858, 25th July 2005

interview by Aleksandra Cuk

Aleksandar Macasev discusses the power of mass media and the "father of modern propaganda" Joseph Goebbels
Repeat message thousand times,
it becomes truth

"Joseph Goebbels TM" deals with modern mass communication and does not propagate the principles of Nazism or any suchlike ideology. If after visiting the website you're left with some different impression, that's only your problem", says Aleksandar Macasev on the homepage of his website , launched especially for the campaign of "Joseph Goebbels TM". As of today, the active campaign within the visual program of this year's BELEF starts, utilizing all available media: billboards, posters, postcards you can buy in bookshops (IPS, Plato), TV and radio clips. For all those interested in the specific time and place of the opening of this exhibition, we've got some explaining to do. The art piece is in the form of the media campaign itself, which will go on for the next two weeks everywhere around us. All of this was the cause for the interview with the man who created this work, a Belgrade artist and designer Aleksandar Macasev.

Why did you use the media campaign as an art piece?
T he problem with contemporary art is that it loses pace with other forms of mass communication: entertainment, movie spectacles, concerts of our folk singers and all the rest. ... >

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REMONT magazine , no.13, autumn 2005

article by Dijana Metlic

Joseph Goebbels in Belgrade

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VECER, August 2005

article by Jasa Gabrijan

Joseph Goebbels - A threat from the past

The project within the Belgrade summer festival BELEF 05 has been developed by artist and designer Aleksandar Macasev
The beginning of the 21st century is marked with media integration (net, live TV, radio, print, advertising, mobile) that form the global infosphere. The power of infosphere is established on the fact that the truth actually doesn't exist, there are only different messages and stories, that we can believe or not. Our 'truth' becomes a thousand times repeated message.
The project 'Joseph Goebbels(TM)' that has been developed within this year's Belgrade summer festival BELEF 05 by the artist and designer Aleksandar Macasev, is the artistic work in form of media campaign that warns about the general 'Joseph Goebbels condition' in contemporary mass communication is based on the presumption that the former minister for propaganda in nazi Germany dr. Joseph Goebbels is the father of contemporary mass communication. >

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Blic, August 2005

article by Jasa Gabrijan

Aleksandar Macasev

It is not big news that art can get out on the streets and be presented on billboards and posters. This form of advertising is unavoidable in order to bring art back to life.

The idea of Aleksandar Macasev to display the face of Joseph Goebbels (former Nazi minister of propaganda) made of media companies' logos is very aggressive. His point is that we cannot bear the attack of the advertising.

Art abandoned esthetics, beauty, optimism and positive thinking long ago. Therefore we don't blame Macasev for bombarding us with the image of Goebbels...

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Glas, August 2005

advertising campaign as a special art form
Think about it

Within the visual program of this year's BELEF, last night started "Joseph Goebbels TM" campaign made by Belgrade artist and designer, Aleksandar Macasev. On six locations in town there are billboards with the image of former Nazi minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. The portrait of Joseph Goebbels is made of small logos of world media companies like Playboy, CBS, BBC, and Walt Disney... Beside this you can see the posters with the same image in the streets and you can get free postcards in local bookstores. The whole campaign is supported by television, radio and Internet.

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