advertising campaign as a special art form

Think about it

Within the visual program of this year's BELEF, last night started "Joseph Goebbels TM" campaign made by Belgrade artist and designer, Aleksandar Macasev. On six locations in town there are billboards with the image of former Nazi minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. The portrait of Joseph Goebbels is made of small logos of world media companies like Playboy, CBS, BBC, and Walt Disney... Beside this you can see the posters with the same image in the streets and you can get free postcards in local bookstores. The whole campaign is supported by television, radio and Internet.

- The idea of this campaign is very simple. Goebbels is the father of contemporary mass communication. He is the one who supposedly said that a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth. I have paraphrased it: a thousand times repeated message becomes the truth. That's the doctrine of modern propaganda. Today in the age of highly developed media (Internet, radio, TV, newspapers...) we swallow any message without questioning the legitimacy. The truth became irrelevant. My message is: look closer. - Macasev says. According to his words, he didn't want the usual exhibition and boring openings. His campaign started last night and it will last for two weeks.

Aleksandar Macasev was born in Becej in 1971. He is a member of Serbian Association of Applied Artists and the Art Directors Club of Serbia. He works in different fields of art, graphic design and advertising. He teaches interactive design at the Department for Computer Arts and Design, BK Art Academy.

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